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Friday, December 7, 2007

The treatment of prostatitis

Old world as prostatitis medical suddenly surprised: it was no longer a purely male affliction! 60-70% of pathogens enter the body by men sexually. So, treating prostatitis need to hold together with partners. Up until the mid 80-s of the last century, doctors believed prostate gland inflammation something like a male version of angina. Both diseases cause the same pathogens, microorganisms, which, at the dawn fog youth representatives awarded strong sex volcanic acne. In the last 15 years Hit-parade violators microbiological calm prostate already offer chlamydia, trichomona, mycoplasmas, and ureaplazmy herpes virus.

Prostatitis allocate three stages:
1. Kataralnaya - zhelezistaya inflamed and swollen tissue, the prostate increased otechna, painful, inflammatory process actively and easily treatable.
2. Hair-in alveoli (cells, which comprise the Prostate) formed fatigue pockets, sealing tunnels.
3. Parenhimatoznaya-pathological process involved in the whole iron, killed alveoli and replaced connective tissue. Prostate cease to perform their functions, and becomes a source of constant intoxication organism (lumineers). There is a growing risk of complications-MS bladder neck, vezikulita inflammation, infertility. Long-term effects on the prostate infected secret eyakulyat destroys sperm viability and creates problems in sex.

Substantial nuances prevention prostatitis:
You should not only from prostatitis treated together with girlfriend lives, but also to sleep together.
Iron hurt extremes-as sexual abstinence, and excessive activity on the love front.
Avoid accidental sex. Indiscriminate connection reconnecting dangerous resurgence of infection and inflammatory process in the prostate.
Urologists Oxford Medical School estimate: men need to 6 times more zinc than women. This protects predstatelnuyu of iron minerals from infections and cancers. So, it is useful every day nezharenyh eat 1-1,5 cups pumpkin seed.
Studies in the Russian scientific center of medicine and balneology replacement, as well as Boston Medical Center (USA) show: turpentine helps defeat prostatitis.

What are we talking about?
Prostate, predstatelnaya iron, flat nose similar to the Mandarin diameter of about 3 cm in the lives of men, it plays a very important role. Even two roles: produces substances that contribute to normal sperm maturation, and participates in the exchange of testosterone. The body of external and internal secretion very vulnerable: at the most conservative estimates, every 10 th man suffering from prostate gland inflammation. And chronic prostatitis is not the lot of elderly people, as many believe. He often
and it is among boys. A peak of about statita are most active age-30-40 years.
Prostate-sump infection
The probability of the development of high prostatitis in men suffering from chronic tonsillitis, chronic department, and even a long time nelechennym caries. These disease-causing disease organisms can enter the blood from shocks in predstatelnuyu gland and its cause inflammation.
Also observed that patients often suffer chronic prostatitis gastrointestinal tract, kidney, urinary bladder, upper respiratory tract, can develop conjunctivitis and arthritis. Why before starting treatment prostatitis, it is recommended that a thorough survey of other organs and systems that, if necessary, carry out the necessary treatment.