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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yellow fever in Paraguay

LookInfo.org.ua announced early next Yellow fever epidemic in Paraguay. As reported by the country's Health Minister, in his official statement, the disease so far has claimed the lives of seven people.

Throughout the last time in the country under Emergency vaccination of the population. Already were vaccinated more than three hundred thousand citizens of the country. Of course, vaccination will help cope with the disease vaccinated people, but to stop the spread of the disease (seasonale medication) seemed to be very complicated, many different parts of Paraguay inaccessibility.

This outbreak is the first appearance of Yellow fever virus in Paraguay for the last thirty four years. The disease is an acute-oblegatno transmissivnoe viral infection with the natural ochagovostyu. Pathogen fever is transmitted by mosquitoes. The disease is accompanied by symptoms such as high temperature, severe general condition of the patient, bleeding in the mouth, stomach and bowels, kidneys and liver lesion, as well as jaundice.

Yellow fever is common in tropical and subtropical countries.

This disease belongs to quarantine diseases, as a particularly dangerous disease, which is subject to a binding international registration.